MINI MEAL Chilli Con Carne, Herbed Potato Mash & Greens


Anytime Meal - Low GI - Alkaline Balanced - Mineral & Vitamin Rich
  • High Protein
  • Gluten Free
  • Organic

Chilli con Carne is one of those meat dishes that had shined in the PE menus previously and we’re bringing it back on request of many! So for all of you meat lovers, get your taste buds ready for this flavoursome bomb!

We make the chilli con carne with organic lean beef mince and we cook it using a variety of spices and ingredients that make it taste irresistible!

Nutritionally, this meals us low in fats and moderate in carbs.. contains a good amount of complete protein and fibre and a great micronutrient profile, containing heaps of iron and B vitamins, including B12, to keep your body strong and well nourished.

Enjoy it at anytime of the day and eat it warmed!

WARMING UP: Pre-heat oven @ 180ºc. Pierce film a few times and place in oven for 8min. Alternatively, microwave it for 1:00min. NOTE: When warming up in the oven, the label will turn black and film may come off slightly. This is totally normal and won’t affect in any way the quality of the food.