VEG Argentinian Tofu&Lentil Stew, Herbed Mash & Beans

Eat bySaturday
Certified Organic Tofu
Brown Lentils
Brown Onion
Field Tomatoes
Himalayan Salt
Kalamata Olives
Dry Oregano
Black Pepper
Smoked Paprika
Cumin Seeds
Mild Chilli Flakes
Fresh Milk
Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Green Beans
Serving size 400g
Energy 294cal
Protein 19.5g
Fat 12.1g
Carbohydrate 25.9g
Sugars 7.9g
Fibre 9.5g
Sodium 421mg


Anytime Meal - Low GI - Antioxidants & B Vitamins - Fibre Rich
  • Gluten Free
  • Vegetarian
  • High Fiber
  • Heart

Shepherd’s Pie anyone??

Well this is our version of what we can call a vegetarian deconstructed Shepherd’s Pie!!

Using cert. organic tofu and lentils as the main protein source in the meal following an Argentinian way of making this type of stew, you get a complete meal that is meat-free and tastes absolutely mouth-watering!!

This meal is super high in fibre, which is great for digestion and a healthy digestive tract, as well as managing blood sugar levels.

We have taken the potato mash to the next level with the addition of mixed fresh herbs and chives!! You won’t believe how good it tastes!!

It contains a moderate amount of carbohydrates which are slow digested and will make you feel satisfied and well nourished for a few hours, so it is a good meal to have during the day!
What we think??’s a must-try whether you are vegetarian or not!!

Pre-heat oven @ 180oc. Pierce film a few times and place in oven for 12min. Alternatively, microwave it for 1:30min. NOTE: When warming up in the oven, the label will turn black and film may come off slightly. This is totally normal and won’t affect in any way the quality of the food.