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Remember to Take Time Out


A busy life seems to the normal life now. We all have so much going on between work, family and friends. Finding time for yourself is often sacrificed for other things. If you were asked the question, “Do you have a busy life?”, most people will answer yes to this one. While we all have busy lives, there are some simple things we can do to take time out and help get balance in each day so we can enjoy life more.


Start the Day with a Positive

When you wake up, say out loud, “TODAY IS GOING TO BE AN AMAZING DAY!”. It is such a simple thing to do, but it gets your day started with a positive thought and by saying it aloud, you get to hear it back too!


Be Organised and Plan Time Out

A healthy lifestyle and one that allows you to have time out regularly is one that is organised. Schedule in your day for time out. It might be 5 minutes here, 10 minutes there, your lunch break or doing some exercise. Whatever it is, make it part of your daily schedule.


Don’t be Afraid to Say No

As much as we want to be able to do everything, it’s okay to say no if you have too much on. We all only have 24 hours in a day so while it’s good to be busy, try not to take too much on. Some days are going to be super busy regardless, so if you have those days be sure to schedule in a little extra time out the following day.


Take a Break for Lunch

It’s easy to skip taking a break for lunch and eat at your desk or while you are working. Even half an hour is going to help with helping your mind relax. If possible, eat outdoors or with company and talk about things that aren’t work! A good laugh is going to feel like you have had a holiday, even on a busy day! If you have longer for lunch, go for a walk.


Taking Time out each day for a balanced life by performance eating gold coast


This one sounds easy, we are breathing every day, but what we are talking about is taking a few minutes to do some deep breathing, or better still, deep breathing combined with meditation or yoga. Deep breathing can be done at any time in your day and you can do it anywhere.


Be Active

Time out to be active is not only going to help you with balance in your life but also your overall health. We shared some 10 Tips to be More Active on our blog recently, see (here). Walk the dog, go for a surf, take the stairs instead of the lift, park your car further away from where you are going and get a little bit of extra walking time in, do some housework or gardening, or participate in a sport or activity that is a big workout. They can be little things each day or bigger activities each week or every few days, overall it helps you take time out in between all the busy times. You’ll feel much better for it.


Take Time for Family and Friends

This is important, especially if you have a busy schedule. Look for quality time. It can be having dinner together, going for a walk, or even just having a chat. Whatever it is, put in time for social time with family and friends. Finding it hard to schedule in, try catching up with a friend for an hour every week, or if that is proving difficult, every two weeks.


If bike riding is your time out, put it in your schedule by Performance Eating Gold Coast


Take Time for Just You

Maybe you like to read a book, go for a surf, ride your bike or watch a movie. You might not get to do this each day, but try to put the things you love doing simply for relaxing time in your schedule. If time allows, go and have a massage. Now that is relaxing time! Most of all, don’t feel guilty for doing this! Everyone deserves, and should have, time out.


Whatever You Do, Be Present

When you are taking time to yourself, try to be present. Practice switching your mind to focus on what you are doing at the time. We’ve all become so good at multi-tasking sometimes we forget to be in the moment.


Before You Sleep, Be Thankful

Taking a few minutes before you sleep to look back at the day and remember all the things you are thankful for allows you to end the day on a positive. Remember how easy it was to take 5 minutes to stop and listen to some soft music, or sit outside and just look the blue sky and how wonderful the sun felt on your skin. How much fun you had when took a break for lunch and laughed with a work colleague or friend. Maybe it was how energised you felt after walking the dog in the morning and not only felt good for you, but your dog was so happy he or she made you laugh from their excitement. The small things you can do in your day can add up to feeling like you have had time out and time for yourself.

If all of this seems overwhelming, introduce new things each week. Over time they will become habits. A little bit each day makes for a balanced life!




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