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10 Tips To Be More Active

A Healthy Life is an Active Life

Keeping active in your every day is important for a healthy lifestyle. We live in such a beautiful part of Australia, here on the Gold Coast, and especially as the weather warms up, it leaves us with less excuses to avoid keeping active. While it's not overly cold here in Winter, we do tend to slow down a little and we thought it was a good time as we near the end of this cooler season to share some tips on how you can be more active.

1. Get Up and Get Moving

Go for a bike ride, walk or jog. This seems like an obvious one, however doing this just after waking up not only gets you moving, it also helps your mind switch on. It's a great way to start the day and an easy habit to get into each day. Not only do you get some exercise in straight up in the day, meaning if the day gets busy, you've already got in some physical activity so you'll feel better, but you'll also find you get more done in your day.

2. Walk/Ride More, Drive Less

Like we mentioned earlier, the Gold Coast is a place that has great weather for most of the year. Take the time to walk or ride your bike instead of driving. Park your car further away from your destination so you have to walk further. It also gives you a chance to slow down in your busy life and take in the beautiful surrounds. Even better still, go with someone and it doubles as social time!

3. Take the stairs instead of the lift

This is an easy one. When you go into a building and you have a choice - stairs or lift. Take the stairs! If you have a few flights to go up, make it a game. Count the stairs. If you are using the stairs every day, time yourself and aim to do quicker than the day before. When you make it into a game, it makes it more fun.


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 4. Walk the Dog

Walk the dog a few times a day - if you have one! Not only will you be more active, your dog will love you even more! They don't have to be big walks, it might only be around the block, but it's all going to get you more active.

5. Stretch at Work

If you sit down for work, it is important you take time out regularly to move and stretch. We suggest after two hours of sitting down in the office, get up and have a 10-minute stretch.

6. Get Outdoors

Spend more time outdoors, whether it be in the garden, walking the dog, going for a run or a bike ride, walking to the shop or walking to a picnic in your local park or beach. Get outdoors and move!

7. Get Active in the Bedroom!

It sounds cheesy, but sex gets you active! Just remember to keep it safe.

8. Clean the House

Vacuuming, mopping, cleaning the bathroom and all those windows in your house will all help you be more active. Alongside this, for the men, your wife may love you more and you will have higher chances to perform tip #7!

9. Do Some Gardening

Spending time in the garden can be quite rewarding. Not only will you be more active, but you are also going to see your garden looking much better from the work you do.

10. Wash your Car

Instead of going through the drive-through car wash, buy all the things you need to wash it yourself. You'll also feel great when you look at it knowing you made it look so good. Overall, the important thing is to be active. There are so many ways you can do this and our tips are just a few. So go on, get out there and be more active!

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