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How Performance Eating Saves Lives: An Interview with Prue Davies

It can sound a little melodramatic... Yes, eating healthy can and will save your life, but aside from stating the obvious, we love how we're fueling people who actually are in the business of saving lives. Take Prue, for example. She's been a part of our community for 2 years and has quite a story to tell. 

Intro: Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do.
My name is Prue Davies, 21 years of age from the Gold Coast. I am a Life Saving Athlete, member of Currumbin Beach Vikings, competing in both the surf and the pool. I have represented Australia at ten international events. I am the current world champion and world record holder in the 200m Super Life Saver.

Prue Davis

  1. When did you get started on PE? What was the reason for it?
    I started PE meals in 2017, the main reasons were to control what I was eating and to limit the stress around meal preparation. 

  2. How important is eating healthy in your daily routine?
    Training over 15 times a week, eating a well balanced and healthy diet is extremely important as I need to refuel my body with wholesome food. 

  3. How important is having your meals delivered compared to doing meal prep, grocery shopping, etc?
    Being super busy during the week, committing most of my time to training by the time Sunday comes a round the last thing I feel like doing is spending it in the kitchen cooking and prepping. So leaving it to PE has really helped me get my Sunday’s back, and still maintain a well balanced diet. 

  4. How was PE helped you in your training in your chosen sport?
    All PE meals have the nutritional information needed to help guide me through micro and macro nutrients. Keeping a close eye on all these elements, when and where am I eating these, have helped me gain an understanding on nutritional value for my training. 

  5. What would you advise to people struggling to eat healthy?
    Start slowly introducing healthy foods, a simple strategy of 3 fruit and 5 vegetables a day. Adding in delicious flavours! Which is exactly what PE does, the amazing flavours in every meal! Makes it so easy to eat healthy! And most importantly, have fun with it and enjoy eating healthy, because soon your body will appreciate all nutrients and will begin to flourish with so much energy and vibrance.

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