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How Performance Eating Fuels Ninja Mums: An interview with Alicia Prosser

When you're both an athlete and a mum, time is always of the essence. Everything has to be in order, including your family time, training and nutrition. We're glad we can help mums like Ali have more time to spend with her kids and feel less stressed at night time since she's not racing the clock doing meal planning, meal prepping, grocery shopping, cooking, dishes etc. Oh, and she's no ordinary athlete. Look at her IG account and you'll know. Here's her story on how she became a part of our community.

My name is Alicia, I am a busy mum of 2. Currently I train 4 times a week, mostly resistance training, (weights and body weight) and compete in OCR. I help my husband run his business and am studying evidence based nutrition with MNU. Life is busy and PE meals are my saviour more times than not.

When did you get started on PE? What was the reason for it?

I have been eating PE meals for just over a year now. I initially started when I ruptured my ACL, had knee surgery and couldn’t stand to cook. I competed in season 2 of Australian Ninja Warrior and soon after I was competing for a spot in the Ninja Worlds in America, when I did my ACL.

How important is eating healthy in your daily routine?

Healthy eating and nutrition is a massive priority for me. After knee surgery I was absolutely focused to make sure my protein intake was high to help with recovery, having macros listed on PE meals was a big help.

How important is having your meals delivered compared to doing meal prep, grocery shopping, etc?

Having meals delivered is just so helpful. I initially thought I would get PE meals for maybe 2 weeks while I recovered, but apart from the meals being delicious with consistent quality and variety, I realised I was saving around 10 hours a week. No more meal planning, meal prepping, grocery shopping, cooking, dishes etc. I have more time to spend with my kids and I feel less stressed at night time as I’m not racing the clock.

How was PE helped you in your training in your Ninja Warrior Training?

PE meals have helped with performance also. I train hard, work and study hard and am constantly busy with the kids so often dinner would have been something quick, but not necessarily balanced. Since eating PE meals my recovery and performance over the last 12 months has definitely increased and improved and I absolutely credit the careful consideration on nutrition for a lot of this.

What would you advise to people struggling to eat healthy?

I believe most people want to eat a healthy balanced diet but with so much misinformation around they don’t know where to start. PE meals make this so simple, especially for dinner when time is short. Meals are fresh with amazing ingredients and flavour. Meal size is also great, I was initially concerned my 6’2” husband, who trains hard also, would find pre made meals too small but he has not complained once. He loves them as much as I do. He can eat as soon as he comes in if he wishes, or later on, without waiting for me to cook. If you are wanting to improve your nutritional intake with delicious meals I cannot recommend PE enough.

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