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New Spring Menu Q&A

Our regular Healthy Hangouts with Santiago continues this week with our new Spring menu Q&A. The response to the new menu has been fantastic which is always wonderful when you are introducing something new. We took some questions from you for Santiago to answer so you can learn more about what goes into putting together a new menu and the inspiration for this current Spring menu.  

You create a new menu for each season. Does this allow you to use foods that are in season? Mostly yes. We base our seasonal menus on seasonal produce as much as possible. This way we make sure that the quality, in terms of flavour and nutrition profile, is optimal and also is healthy for the economy of the business, as prices of produce in season are usually more affordable than those out of season. Having said that, however, there is some produce we choose to add in menus, for example in the new Spring one, that is not necessarily in peak season.

An example is a broccoli, which is more a colder month vegetable. These items are still super fresh and nutritious, but they come from other states in Australia like Tasmania or Victoria.  

How far in advance to you plan the new season menu? We normally allow 2 months for this job. It is the creation of 14 different dishes, each of them having a salad/vegetable/carbohydrate-rich preparation on one side of the tray and a complete protein source preparation, this being lean meats or tofu, on the other side of the tray. So that makes it up to 28 different recipes!!  

What are some of your inspirations for this new Spring menu?

  • Fresh Spring breeze
  • Blossom
  • Warmer days
  • Lighter food, more veggies

kangaroo and quinoa salad from performance eating new spring menu gold coast blog  

Your pick for “must try” in the new menu?

  • Ratatouille with NZ Hoki (main image)
  • Organic Quinoa Salad with Mustard & Pepper Kangaroo (pictured above)

You have introduced fish and kangaroo. Tell us some more of this and why you wanted to include in the menu. We’ve been meaning to introduce fresh, white-flesh fish in the menu for some time, and the creation of a 14-meal menu was the perfect opportunity to finally make it happen! The Kangaroo was introduced to add a touch of a difference in the menu, something to surprise people and to see what feedback we get from customers to game meat that is super lean and nutritious.  

There are pancakes on the menu which many people will be excited about! Did you love pancakes growing up? I absolutely loved pancakes and still do. We just did some fine-tuning to the traditional pancakes recipe as they normally contain refined flours and sugars and no protein and healthy fats at all. That’s why we added almond meal, whey protein, coconut flour and coconut sugar as the main key ingredients of it.

raw superfood bar from performance eating new spring menu gold coast blog  

Tell us some more about the new Superfood bar. This Brand New Superfood Bar is mind-blowing! The main difference from the other PE healthy snacks is that this bar is 100% raw, Vegan and Dairy free. Also, we added cinnamon and ginger which make the bar taste yummy and unique and also provides fantastic nutrition enhancement, as these two spices aid in digestion, contain anti-viral properties, promote diabetes prevention and have been used in eastern medicine for centuries for their health-promoting properties. Let alone the 70% dark chocolate pieces, dry cranberries and coconut in them!! Definitely my favourite at the moment!! -- For the full Spring menu see here: https://performanceeating.com.au/collections/seasonal-menu/

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