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SIDE Slow Cooked Asado Beef

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  • Dairyfree
  • Glutenfree

Our free range beef is slow cooked with Chimichurri sauce – a traditional Argentinian sauce for meats made from fresh and dry herbs and lemon juice- for a few hours and then left to crisp for a perfect finish.

Increase your protein intake in the most delightful way, have this delicious beef anytime, anywhere!!
Add this side meal in your cart once, and we promise you will never leave it out again!

TIP: Must be warmed up. Squeeze some lemon juice over the beef.

 WARMING UP: Microwave it for 1:00 minute. Alternatively use a small skillet with a little olive oil or butter and warm up on medium heat for 4 minutes!



  • Free range beef
  • Chimichurri sauce (dried herbs, vinegar, fresh lemon juice, paprika, garlic & fresh parsley)
  • Himalayan salt
Serving Size g 110
Energy cal 272
Protein g 35.1
Fat g 16.0
Carbohydrate g 0.0
Sugars g 0
Fibre g 0.0
Sodium mg 180.0

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