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Performance Eating is a family food company that provides highly nutritious products, focusing on creating healthy food that is wholesome and prepared in a modern manner.

Our main focus is on modern international cuisine, nutrition and healthy living - We produce wholesome meals from our commercial kitchen in Miami every week.

Our goal is to provide to the Gold Coast community wholesome food in a convenient way - so people can eat nutritionally complete meals, gourmet flavours and earn themselves time to focus on whatever they do!

Performance Eating team is Rodrigo and Santiago Nogueras, brothers from Argentina.
Santiago is a qualified Chef and has been working in restaurants and hotels for the past 9 years. His love for creating nutritious food came via his younger brother, Rodrigo, who was a professional athlete. Santiago is also a very keen surfer and understands the importance of a healthy body and completed a Certificate in Exercise and Sport Nutrition with one of the leading online nutrition education organisations (www.precisionnutrition.com)

After competing in Triathlons around the world for 10 years Rodrigo has joined Santiago in his love of food and nutrition., gaining his qualifications as a Chef also.

With their combined experience in the high performance sport environment and knowledge of cooking, they have been able to create the ultimate in nutritious healthy food.


HEALTH is what drives us. Wholesome ingredients combined to create harmonious natural taste, always keeping in mind healthy cooking techniques and methods, to make cooking a holistic experience... Simple, delightful and functional. “By preserving the natural identity of whole foods and modifying them as little as possible is when we really connect with the essence of nourishing our bodies with what is naturally available to us...

SIMPLE , this is how we do things. We seek to do things in life that we enjoy and fulfill us. Eating healthy should be simple. Furthermore, our cuisine consists of “simple” flavors. We don’t over complicate food preparation and we preserve the natural identity of each ingredient to come up with meals that taste clean, refreshing and delicious. Think about it... Simple doesn’t mean bland, it is about being natural, functional and tasty.

When we mean FUNCTIONAL we want to express that what we eat is what we are, and that whatever comes in our body will have an important physiological function. So we understand the nutritional value in food and the ways for its combination to create recipes that will allow you to achieve your goals when it comes to eating good food.

We see food as than just something that can taste great and make us feel satisfied, but also as the fuel needed for life performance.

DELICIOUS, this is what our food tastes like. It’s that simple!.


To make our dishes we use whole ingredients and we stay away from processed and industrialised foods. Everything we make is home-made and we take great care with the food we serve in your meal box. Our fresh vegetables come from local farms and we use Certified Organic and Free Range products where possible.

Ingredients we are proud of using to make your food are listed below.

Coconut oil
Coconut sugar


Extra Virgin Olive Oil
This is an important ingredient we use to add flavor and nutrition to your food. We only use the extra virgin and cold pressed version of this oil as it is the purest and contains the best nutrition value.


Monounsaturated fats, good for lowering LDL cholesterol.

Anti-oxidant effects.
Promotes heart health.
Rice Bran Oil This is our preferred cooking oil. Its chemical structure remains stable at temperatures as high as 232 °C making it suitable for high-temperature cooking methods such as grilling.

Himalayan Salt We choose to use this natural mineral salt because it is unrefined, un-bleached and contains no anti-caking chemicals added into it as normal table salt does. Himalayan salt has also been proved to contain essential minerals like potassium, calcium and magnesium just to name a few, that promote health and make this salt less likely to increase blood pressure.

Quinoa This is our beloved Superfood!! It comes from The Andes region in South America and it has been a staple food for the Incas and native Andes tribes for dates as old as 3000 years. The unique environment where this plant grows under has allowed for an awesome development of nutrition values, being high in important minerals such as calcium, phosphorous, magnesium and iron. It is also gluten free and it has a better digestion than most grains. One of the major benefits of this grain, which has gained it most of its popularity, is the complete ratio of essential amino acids, which in terms make this superfood a complete source of protein. Now, this is great news!!, because everyone, including all plant-based eaters, can take advantage of the protein content in this spectacular, versatile and delicious super grain!. At PE we are aware of these important facts and we will provide you with the best-tasting Quinoa recipes all year round!

CERTIFIED ORGANIC BEEF  We are proud of using in all Beef dishes top quality organic beef. We are fortunate to have established a relationship with Gold Coast Organic Meats and to be able to serve you with the best available organic and free-range meats. THE BENEFITS: - Grass fed animals, ensuring better nutrition, a better ratio of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids when compared to conventional corn fed animals. - Free from growth hormones and antibiotics. - Animal welfare assured. - Better for the environment, the animals and us!

FRESH, LOCAL, SEASONAL VEGETABLES AND HERBS We absolutely love veggies and we make our best to create wholesome recipes with them. The reasons why we include fresh veggies in every meal is: - They are alkaline, meaning that they will balance the pH in your body (almost all other food stuff will provide acid pH, that’s when balancing with alkaline-forming foods is needed ), keeping it alkaline and helping in bone and muscle health. - They are high in nutrient density (nutrients per unit calorie) and low in calorie density (calories per gram of food). This is awesome because you can eat and feel satisfied without filling your body with ‘empty calories’. - They are high in water content, great to remain properly hydrated. - They are high in micronutrients like vitamins and minerals. - They contain phytonutrients , which are chemicals found only in fruits and vegetables and are responsible for the coloring of these. It is now known that these specific plant chemicals are beneficial for our bodies, providing anti-oxidants, anti-cancer and antiinflammatory properties just to name a few. - They are high in fibre. Soluble and insoluble fibre are both essential for proper gut functioning and also help to maintain healthy levels of cholesterol in blood. - They are the best way to add a wide range of colors in your diet, making food attractive to the eye and providing heaps of different flavours and textures.

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