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International Cuisine

Our main focus is on modern international cuisine, nutrition and healthy living. We produce wholesome meals from our commercial kitchen every week.

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Nutrition Driven

Wholesome ingredients combined to create harmonious natural taste, always keeping in mind healthy cooking techinques and method.


Conveniently Packed

Our goal is to provide wholesome food in a convenient way - so people can eat nutritionally complete meals.


Why People Love Our Meals

Performance eating takes my vote for one of the best meal prep companies I’ve tried! Their meals are not only insanely delicious and filling, you can taste the quality of ingredients they use, especially the meat. The ingredients are really healthy and mainly organic which gave me a lot of trust in their product; it shows the level of care they put into health! My partner and I both agreed the meals are “restaurant quality”. Also the delivery man was very friendly :)

Ashley Anna Carbyn

I recently just had a baby and was struggling to find the time or the energy to cook myself decent nutritious meals and also be calorie conscious to help lose the baby weight so have been on these meals for a while! They are actually so yummy and fresh it doesn't feel like I'm dieting at all haha. So convenient for any new mums out there!! great vegetarian options too which i love - thanks guys!

Shantelle Grace Pross-Vale

WOWWWWWW!!!!! Thank you guys for always spicing up my week with super delicious tasty meals. I love every mouthfull! I can always tell the meals are made with the freshest produce and the most care and love. My life is better since I found you 

Koren Hannah

I’m a veggie and I have struggled to find nice healthy vegetarian meals - performance eating has given me heaps of choice and they are delicious!! The protein balls, zucchini noodles and Balinese curry are out of this world!

Christie Taryn Wilson

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